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Better used vehicles for you

Looking for affordable used vehicles? We have the greatest collection of cars, trucks, and RVs at S & R RV Sales & Rentals for you. Our vehicles will serve your needs and fit your budget.  Gently used and greatly maintained these vehicles are ready to roll on the road.


Sell your personal car, truck, or an RV or get a pre-owned vehicle that has been gently used and greatly taken care of by us at an affordable and convenient price. We have been providing vehicle sales services for the past 13 years.

We make it nice and easy

You can count on us to get an affordable vehicle and also sell one at a great price. We make sure that these vehicles are maintained well, safe on the road, and in excellent condition.

We buy more so you pay less

We will assist you in selling your personal:

•  Cars

•  Trucks

•  RVs

You can also buy vehicles that have been maintained to not lose their newness and style.

Drive and love

Our vehicles come at affordable prices and are repaired and fully inspected before the sale. We have a wide variety of makes and models for you. Stop by today to see what we have for you.




Call today to get

a vehicle you want

and can trust.



Call today to get
a vehicle you want
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